The silver mine in the foothills was attacked by orcs one day. All but one of the miners were killed. The survivor ran back to the town and told everyone what had happened. The mayor, Orayan, and the watch captain, Faradas, organized a militia of all the able bodied men and marched off to the mine. The militia met up with the orcs and the ensuing battle killed off the attacking orcs and nearly all of the militia. The mayor ordered an immediate retreat to the town abandoning their dead. The mayor sent a messenger to the king for an army to hunt down any orcs and bandits in the area. The town could not spare any men to re-open the mine or hunt down an orc tribe without opening the town to the risk of an attack by bandits or orcs. The army arrived and started searching the area around the mine, they were never heard from again. With no word from the army, the town sent out word to the neighboring towns, villages, and cities for brave adventurers to aid them.

An Adventure In The Shade

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