An Adventure In The Shade

Session 1

The first session


After discussing the situation with the mayor of the town Gear and plant mans characters set off toward the mine. The next morning the rest of the group caught up. We came arouse several zombies attacking 3 other adventurers. we rescued them and made camp for the night. after deciding not to make a fire we went to sleep with the usual watch. on second watch (plant mans) we heard a scream. a white mist looking object advanced. Plant man woke Amanda and with her quick thinking lit a torch and scared off the creature. we where watched at a distance by it again the second night on the way to the mine and during that night one of the adventures was saved again from 3 more zombies. the next day we set off found a massive battle field where we where then again attacked by zombies. after killing a bunch we moved silently through the rest of the battle field to the mine.

Session 1

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